UPSR: Theme of Essay Writing

Sharing with you guys 10 English reading texts that are suitable for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. from English101 with Miss Dayana.

The texts are created according to the familiar themes in UPSR essay writing. The expressions in bold are those that often make our pupils' writing more interesting and I recycled them throughout the series of texts.

So, it would be beneficial if our children could use those expressions in their writings instead of the common ones (E.g: using "over the moon" instead of very happy"). This idea was inspired from our Parents as Reading Partners Project" (PARP) as Cikgu Darrel found out that his pupils have started using some of the repeated expressions in PARP texts during in-class exercises.

So, here are the texts based on two themes: "Festivals/Celebrations/Gatherings" and "Good deeds". Hope they help!

Download the PDF Format: UPSR Theme of Essay Writing

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