Hi-Lo Passages to Build Comprehension | G3 & G4

The main purpose of this book is to provide high-interest passages for students to read. All the passages in this book are intended to be motivating and interesting for third- and-fourth grade students, but they are written for readers one to two grade levels behind. You can find the readability score for each passage in the table of contents. (Passages were scored using the Spache scoring criteria and range in level of difficulty from 1.80 to 3.0.)

These passages can be used for practice and instruction in reading, and they can be used to help prepare students for taking tests. Mostly, they can help students enjoy what they read.

This book provides 25 grade-appropriate passages in a wide variety of genres, including nonfiction articles, stories, recipes, and interviews. Passages target comprehension skills, such as making inferences or comparing and contrasting. Each passage has three or five comprehension questions based on skills. The questions are intended mainly to help students think about what they have read. (If you want to check students’ responses, you may refer to the Answer Key at the back of the book.)

These questions will also help you to assess students’ comprehension of the material. In addition, they will help students practice answering test questions. The types of questions include multiple-choice items and short-answer items. Some of the passages include writing prompts to elicit longer responses.

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