Collection of dialogues for level 1 - 3

Tips for English Teachers

These basic English conversations can also be used in a classroom setting. Here are a few suggestions for using conversation lessons and role-playing activities:
  • Ask students about their experiences in the situation featured in the dialogue. Solicit important phrases, grammar structures, and so on from the students and write them on the board.
  • Introduce new vocabulary and key phrases to students.
  • Pass out printed dialogue to students.
  • Have each student take on a role and practice the dialogues in pairs. Students should take on both roles.
  • Based on the dialogue, ask students to write out their own related conversations using key vocabulary.
  • Have students practice their own dialogues to the point where they can perform short conversations in front of the class.
Here we share with you some basic dialogue for our kids to pracitice in the classroom. Just click the image to download the PDF format.

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