81 Fresh & Fun Critical-Thinking Activities For English

Here are some ways you can use the lessons to help students become more
effective thinkers:

1. Read each activity aloud or have a child read it aloud to the rest of the group.
2. Allow children ample time to think and respond.
3. Ask students questions to assess their understanding of the problem.
4. Welcome different strategies for solving the problem. Encourage divergent thinking.
5. Observe children as they work in order monitor their problem-solving skills.
6. Give helpful hints to those children who are having difficulty finding ways to approach the problem.
7. Guide children to link the problem to others they have already solved.
8. Encourage children to check their work.
9. Help children explore their thinking and identify the strategies that worked—and those that didn’t.
10. Invite students to share their results.

This book, and its companion volume for younger grades, will help you teach students to reflect upon their own thinking processes and become more successful, active learners. Both professional educators and parents can use this book to help children learn to think critically.

Download 81 Fresh & Fun Critical-Thinking Activities in PDF by clicking the image.

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