100 Super Sight Word Poems

In this book, you’ll find a wide variety of poems to enhance your word study curriculum. This collection of 100 poems targets 100 sight words, from the Dolch List, that young readers need to know.

You can chart the appropriate poem that matches the word you are planning to teach during a shared-reading lesson. (I like to write the poem on large chart paper, but overheads and interactive whiteboards work well, too.) Not only do the poems focus on a specific word, but many also repeat past words that have been previously taught, reinforcing what children have already learned. For almost every line of each poem, there is a corresponding illustration that students can use for meaning cues when reading.

After you’ve read the poem aloud to students, this rebus-style format helps readers remember the content of a line they may be struggling with, and then they are better able to recall how to read those words. I also recommend reading a poem chorally with students so that they become very familiar with it.

Download Scholastic 100 Super Sight Word Poems by clicking the image below

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