Muat Turun English Language Management Guidebook (Primary & Secondary) terbitan KPM

To ensure the smooth implementation of the curriculum, it is imperative for a subject to be properly managed. Excellent management of the subject will enhance pupils' academic performance and personal development. Proper management of the English Language subject is crucial in preparing teachers to be caring, responsible, visionary and innovative educators who are able to perform their duties effectively as English Language teachers.

Cooperation and collaboration among teachers in subject management will improve English Language performance among pupils and subsequently enable schools to produce balanced human beings in line with the vision of the MoE, “Quality Education Begets Learned Individuals for a Prosperous Nation”.

DownloadEnglish Language Management Guidebook (Primary & Secondary)

The preparation of the English Language Management Guidebook is a valueadded move in ensuring efficient and effective management of the school system especially pertaining to the curriculum affairs.

Hence, it is hoped that the guidebook may assist the English Language Panel in schools to plan and implement supporting programmes accordingly while abiding by the set education standards.

It is the Inspectorate of Schools’ utmost wish that teachers especially the management teams may benefit from this book in order to help transforming the national education system and to upgrade the learners’ quality.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

Download: English Language Management Guidebook (Primary & Secondary)

DownloadEnglish Language Management Guidebook (Primary & Secondary)

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