16 Sentence Examples To Help Weak Pupils To Write Pertaining To The BM Word - "ADA"

Malaysian English Teacher...hopefully these will help..

Every time our pupils begin to write, most of them face difficulty in constructing sentences, indeed, particularly the word in BM - "ada" which is one of the commonest confusing word to use in writing, thus causing grammatical errors.

Here are some sentence suggestions to minimise the pupils' errors and assist them to write better.


1. berada
a. Amin was in Kuala Lumpur.
b. Amin and Abu were in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Ada
a. There was a boy in the room.
b. There were some children in the room.

3. ada
a. Amin had a friend.
b. Amin and Abu had friends.

4. mengadakan
a. Amin held his birthday party yesterday.
b. Amin and his classmates held a birthday party yesterday.

5. diadakan
a. The party was held yesterday.
b. The games were held yesterday.

6. Tiada
a. Nobody was in the classroom.

7. tidak ada
a. He had no money.
b. He did not have any money.
c. He didn’t have any money.

8. belum berada
a. He was not in Kuala Lumpur yet.
b. They were not in Kuala Lumpur yet.

9. belum ada
a. He had no time yet.

10. belum mengadakan
a. They had not organised any meeting yet.

11. belum diadakan
a. The football match was not held yet.
b. The football matches were not held yet.

12. sudah berada
a. He was already in Kuala Lumpur.
b. They were already in Kuala Lumpur.

13. sudah ada
a. He already had a new shirt.
b. They already had new badminton rackets.

14. sudah mengadakan
a. The school had already organised Sports Day.

15. sudah diadakan
a. A birthday party was already held yesterday.

16. Adakah
a. Was he your friend?
b. Were they your classmates?

Credit: Teacher @Roslan Ahmad

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