Download Reading Test Workbook Grade 1

By familiarizing children with the skills, language, and formats they will encounter on state and national tests. These practices will boost confidence and help raise scores.

Each practice contains six of the following seven components:

  • Phonic Analysis: Consonants
  • Phonic Analysis: Vowels
  • High-Frequency Word Match
  • Vocabulary: Picture-Word Match
  • Reading Sentences
  • Grammar, Usage and, Mechanics
  • Story Comprehension

Treat this activity as a confidence-building exercise. Help students understand that this practice will help them become more skilled and ultimately perform better when they have to take real assessment later on.

Give students a sense of taking formal assessments when they work on practice activity. Do the sample questions together and go over the directions for each section, making sure that students understand them. After each activity, review it together to reinforce specific skills.

Download: Reading Workbook Grade 1

 Download: Reading Workbook Grade 1
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