Suicide boy’s parents question expulsion by school

KLANG: The parents of a 15-year old boy who apparently committed suicide after being expelled from school two days ago have taken the school authorities here to task for not giving them any notification prior to his expulsion.

Claiming that the decision to expel him was made shoddily, the mother of T Naresh said she is convinced he was innocent and had not done anything to merit the expulsion.

“My son did not do anything wrong. He told me ‘I swore to my teacher (that he had not committed any wrongdoing) but they would not believe me’,” C Annusia, a mother of four, said when met at her house at Taman Klang Utama here.

“He kept repeating this as my husband and I brought him home from school on Wednesday.

“An hour had barely passed when I was told that he had hanged himself when I was out picking up one of my daughters.

“I cannot accept this,” she told FMT yesterday.

The 36-year-old added that although her son may not have been a very good student, he was a good person.

It was reported that the boy was found hanged from a ceiling fan in the house at 1.40pm on Wednesday.

Annusia said one of her daughters had gone to Naresh’s room where she found him suspended from the ceiling fan.

He was already dead by the time he was taken down.

His father T Thirunavukarasu, 44, a factory worker, said he was at work when he received a call from the school notifying him that his son had been expelled due to disciplinary problems.

He then picked Annusia from home before heading to school, and went straight to Naresh’s class.

He said the 15-year-old showed them the expulsion letter, which alleged he had bullied and extorted money from students in the afternoon session.

The parents said they found the reason cited in the letter to be ridiculous because their son was in the morning session.

They also demanded to know why they had not been informed that their son had been extorting money from others as alleged.

“Is it true that he had extorted money from other students? Was there proof? If it was really true, why was he not suspended and the matter thoroughly probed? Why was he not counselled?

“But, no. He was expelled straightaway. He was very sad,” Annusia said, claiming that the parent-teacher association was also unaware of what had happened.

The parents said their son may have been driven to suicide due to the shame he faced “all because of one letter”.

“Why were we not called to the school and then informed of his expulsion? Why was the letter passed straight to him?” Thirunavukarasu asked.

He also claimed that they were not informed of their son’s earlier suspension from July 27 to August 2.

The parents intend to file a formal complaint with the education ministry.

“We will not let this matter rest. We want answers. We do not want this to happen to others,” he added.

Source : Free Malaysia Today