Tajuk Ramalan Kertas Bahasa Inggeris UPSR 2017

Beberapa tips a.k.a soalan ramalan Bahasa Inggeris telah tersebar di WhatsApp grup dan juga laman-laman web. Namun begitu ianya bukanlah satu kebocoran dan ia hanya 'hunch' daripada guru-guru berpengalaman.

Kepada yang berminat, berikut adalah yang tips dan tajuk yang tersebar itu:

For UPSR 2017, Paper 014 Penulisan, essay question can be possibly either one of these 3 types.

TYPE 1 – ROUTINE. Probability is 5% out
TYPE 2 : ACTIVITY. Probability is 10% out
TYPE 3 : BAD INCIDENT. Probability is 85% out

Note : These illustrations are taken from Didik Berita Harian, dated 14th July 2014 as a reference.
So teachers, please ensure our students are capable of attempting any of these types especially TYPE 3.

TYPE 1 : ROUTINE ( Normally written in Present Tense)

Encik Rahman owns a chicken rice stall in town. He opens his stall every day except on Friday and he has a lot of regular customers.

During peak hour which is normally in the afternoon, he is so busy. Fortunately his wife is there to assist him to attend the customers.

The customers who come from different walks of life really enjoy his chicken rice which is cheap and tastes delectable as well.

His chicken rice business ends in the evening where he then sells banana fritters before he leaves for home after dusk. Indeed he is a hardworking man.

TYPE 2 : ACTIVITY ( Normally written in Past Tense )

It was a fine weekend and Zul, together with his close buddies seemed to be going fishing at a lake quite adjacent to their neighbourhood.

At a nice fishing spot chosen earlier, they cast their fishing line. Initially, it was a bit monotonous until all of them caught a fish. They were bouncing off the walls.

As dusk arrived, they stopped fishing and went home. As for Zul, his mother cooked the fish and served them for dinner. Everyone really enjoyed the cooking and hoped Zul would fish more.

TYPE 3 : BAD INCIDENT@ EXPERIENCE (Normally written in Present and Past Tense)

Pak Hitam is a rubber tapper. At the crack of dawn, he cycles to the rubber estate to tap rubber trees to earn for a living.

One morning, as he was in the estate, he heard a growling sound. He stood still, slowly turned around and discovered it was none other than a tiger which made his hair stood on ends.

Safely arrived at home, Pak Hitam informed the Perhilitan. The following day, a cage was made to trap the creature. Few days later, the tiger was caught and brought to the zoo.

As for Pak Hitam, he was relieved.


1. Informal letter
2. Speech
3. Note
4. Message
5. Report
6. Email

Browse the topic of pollution in text book :

Year 4 ( Unit 6 )
Topic : Care for the sea
Page : 53 - 58

Year 5 ( Unit 11 )
Topic : Natural disasters
Page : 103 - 109

Year 6 ( Unit 6 )
Topic : Go green
Page : 51 - 57

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