Man Brings His Former Teachers For An Overseas Vacation To Show His Appreciation

In doing their jobs, teachers have to put up with a lot of mess and headaches. Unruly students, demanding principals, unreasonable parents, infinite paperwork, the list is endless. So it goes without saying that we should always appreciate our teachers.

But Fredy Candra took his appreciation and gratitude for his teachers to a whole new level, by taking all of his secondary school teachers to a vacation.

Back in July, the Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 1 Pekalongan (SMAN 1 Pekalongan) received a visit from Fredy. During his visit, he told the school's principal, Sulikin of his intention to bring all the teachers who used to teach him during his time at the school for a holiday in Europe.

"At first I thought he is just joking with me," said Sulikin to

But as it turns out, Fredy is not joking at all. Three months after the meeting, his wish to bring all of his teachers for a holiday came true. But the destination had to be changed to Malaysia and Singapore, as most of Fredy's teachers are old retirees now.
On 19 September, Sulikin and the band of teachers that used to teach Fredy set off for their once in a lifetime trip.

And as it turns out, Fredy not only invited his teachers from SMAN 1 Pekalongan, but also his teachers from Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri 1 Pekalongan and Sekolah Dasar Sampangan. All in all, there were 65 teachers that went on the trip.

When they arrived at the airport, the teachers were warmly greeted by Fredy and his family.

"He is a very nice man. He greets his teachers like greeting his long lost parents.

"It was very touching for me. I did not teach him, but I was the principal of the school. A man like him is very hard to find.

Although Fredy did not come along for the trip, he arranged the trip so that his teachers will get the best service and so that they will get a chance to see all the sights around.

"Before the flight Fredy told the tour guide, "I don't want even one complaint from my teachers. Give them the best treatment," recounted Sulikin.

For the trip, Fredy paid for everything for his teachers, from the boarding fees, transport fees, and for teachers that didn't have a passport, Fredy paid for it as well.

Fredy even gave his teachers some pocket money for them to spend on their trip.

The teachers enjoyed 5 days in Malaysia and Singapore, before coming back to Indonesia on the 24th of September.

"Everything was first class. This is the most amazing trip I've ever been on in my whole life," exclaimed Sulikin.

Fredy also told Sulikin the reason he wanted to bring his teachers on vacation so much.

Back when he was still studying in SMAN 1 Pekalongan, he was involved in an accident which left him in a coma. In his coma, he had a dream that all of his teachers came to visit him.

"Since then, Fredy had the wish to bring his teachers for a vacation if he had the money for it, and now his wish had come true," said Sulikin.

Let's take the story of Fredy's gratitude as an inspiration for us. Although not all of us might have the money to bring our teachers for a holiday, but the least we can do is show our appreciation for the people that has sacrificed so much for us.

Source: Malaysian Digest