[Video] Headmaster Caught Mercilessly Beating Students Until He Breaks His Cane

Foto via Youtube
As the case of bullies among students in school escalates in Malaysia, in India, violence is no exception in school – only that it involves the teachers instead.

A viral video recently showed a headmaster’s brutal acts in punishing a group of students at a convent school in Fafamau city, near Allahabad, eastern India.

In the shocking footage which was recorded by PE teacher Ashish Mani Tiwari, the students were waiting in line to be mercilessly caned by their headmaster, on their hands and fingers.
While some screamed in pain from the hard beatings, others fell to the floor and fainted from the vicious ordeal.

At one point, the cane even broke, but the headmaster only took a thicker cane to continue beating the students.

According to reports, the students suffered the brutal beatings due to petty mistakes.

India.com reports students were traumatised by the incident and refused to attend school, which left their parents to lodge a police report against the headmaster and the school.

They were however forced to withdraw their complaints after 'pressure' from local authorities, the police and the school.

The headmaster meanwhile, has denied all allegations levelled against him saying that he was never harsh on his students.

Ashish, who only joined the school a month ago, claimed he was shocked to see the torture happening to the students, and admitted the students were regularly beaten “on the pretext of instilling discipline in them.”

Although he was fired from his job for uploading the video, he is now fighting against the school for their decision and is taking action against the authorities and the school.

Sadly, the headmaster failed to see that as educators, it is a responsibility to ensure children grow up in a respectful and safe environment, and violence is never the answer to discipline any child.