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The authors strongly believe that, while the English languages is the focus, the context should be meaningful to the learners. Thus. texts have been chosen:

1. To be cross-curricular; the texts reinforce and support what is being learnt in other classes.
2. To be informative and educational; the texts cover a wide range of topics of interest to young learners, such as famous people, important places and events, science and technology, sports, animal life etc.
3. To be fun; the texts include especially written stories, traditional folk and fairy stories, quizzes and dialogues that the student could act out.
4. To be social-responsible; the texts include discussions in the environmental and pollution, civic responsibility, etc

In the knowlodge that teachers are busy, the series has been designed to be 'teacher friendly'so it is unambiguous and easy to use.

Download all in PDF Format:

Download all in PDF Format:

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