List & Types of Slang & Informal English

What exactly is slang?

It's difficult to define slang perfectly, but here are a few of its characteristics:
 Slang is informal, less serious, often non-standard English.

 Slang often comes from a group of people who are familiar with the terms and use them with each other.

 Slang is often used for uncomfortable topics (sex and bodily functions) or criticisms/insults, to say these things in a more playful or less direct way.

It is important to understand slang, because you may hear it often in informal conversations, movies and TV shows.

However, it is also important to understand that slang should NEVER be used in professional situations, academic situations, and when talking with someone in a more formal social situation (someone important or someone who you respect).

Download the list of Slang & Informal English
Download the list of Slang & Informal English

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