Download 3 sets of Exploring Reading - Easy in PDF

Exploring Reading - Easy is a three level reading series for young children. The best way to improve reading skills is to enjoy reading and to read a lot.

Through extensive reading, the children not only improve their reading skills, but also expand their knowledge of the world. This means that they both learn to read and read to learn while reading.

These books encludes topics that children encounter in their everyday life. This makes it easy for teacher to relate the passages in Exploring - Easy to children's experience. 'Here and Now'is very important to make children get fully involved in reading.

Download it all in PDF Format
1. Exploring Reading - Easy 1
2. Exploring Reading - Easy 2
3. Exlporing Reading - Very Easy 2

Download it all in PDF Format
1. Exploring Reading - Easy 1
2. Exploring Reading - Easy 2
3. Exlporing Reading - Very Easy 2

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