English UPSR: 10 Days to go, what else could be done?

Hi there...peace be upon u...relax....don't be stress up.its still not too late..We still have a few more days to UPSR...there's still time for drillings


1. TO CHECK VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR LEVEL - give pictures and brainstorm nouns and verbs, state the you want to check.

Past or present, list down the verbs from the picture and which is related to the picture. if they are stuck, meaning tenses or vocabulary is still a problem...

2. GIVE A PARAGRAPH WITH A COMPOSITE PICTURE AS THE STIMULUS, just like text completion but with no answers, with blanks spaces around 8 or 10 blanks. Ask the pupils to fill in the answers and no guide please.

Give the kids, may be 4 nouns and verbs and 6 grammar and see if they can fill in correctly, then they are good or else.

How many mistakes? This should be done, at the beginning of the year.,,in March or April...
From here, we will get some info about our pupils readiness ....

3. SET A TARGET FOR ALL SECTIONS. See where we can focus for our weak ones or even the excellent pupils... to score......


Like paper 1 question 1 to 20, make them score at least 10 to 12. As for practices, prepare 20 sets of the ques 1 to 20 drill them with 2 or 3 sets a day (20x 3 sets and they already have 60 grammar questions) Remember to ask them to do the corrections, its a MUST!

To pass or score D they need 20/50. For Section C they need 25/50. So you have to be smart to set a target.

For section B, work for the extra marks, there are some easy ones that the Galus should score, like social expression, the matching and the part where they have to tick the correct answer, Collect as many passes here and there from section B.


Sec A - 6/10
Sec B
- 2a 3/3
- 2b 5/12
Sec C
- 7/25.
21/50 just enough to pass...do the same for Target A and C....This is for exam purposes only.....

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  1. I would appreciate if you could give some clues would it be email for 014 Section B 2. Thank you for sharing. We'll share the info with our students. Tq very much.

  2. Very good sharing. Thank you..

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