Tips For English Teachers To Improve Their Students Writing Skill

 Dear Year 6 English language Teachers:

If you all can sit down together, may be in your zone, make and compile some samples of:
  • compositions of different themes and for each theme make an exercise guided or non guided for our pupils to practice.
  • samples for Q2B some emails, informal letters, messages, notes, postcards etc and again some exercises following the samples. This is one way to help our pupils. Practice makes perfect.
  • refer to PT3 SAMPLES but we have to simplify them to our pupils level section C 100 words and Q2 B 80 words. 
  • make a booklet. Make then read the samples before they write. Its OK if they FLIP and FLOP the pages trying to copy at first. Its just to make them practice or drilling them with the correct structures. It works well with my pupils after reading the samples.
  • Later give them a formative test on the same theme BUT no copying this time
  • You can buy samples , there's a lot in the market but please adapt and adopt to your pupils level. Some are too long, more then 100 words.
  • I usually will do it myself but i do refer to books in the market especially the Singapore books for ideas

Good Luck.

PT3 - Samples HERE
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