How To Finish The English Text Book On Time By Mommy Deeba

Let me give you another idea of how to tackle the text book issue.

Many were grumbling, they don't have time to finish the text book.

OK here goes. These are what I am doing now in June.

1.The text book is a guide for us to teach, what topic to teach, and giving our pupils the knowledge or content for them to write, so pick and choose. We dont have to do everything there.

2. At this point, dont panic. Just go thru the words in bold and read the sentences with your pupils. Do a few words a day for the topics tht you have not covered.

Then, explain the usage of words. Next get our pupils to copy in their vocabulary book. The words and the sentences. I do this within 5 to10 mins every day for all the topics. I go over the words in the text book because I dont want them to miss the good points, good words for their knowledge.

Then get exercises or questions on the same theme. Don't you think you have covered the topics in the text book?

But make sure before you start the next day, repeat the words that you have done with your pupils the day before, or else its going to be left just like that.

3. I have started jadual anjal so we put English 2 hours or 1 and a half hours straight.

Start with the dialogue social expression. Focus topics like giving directions, requesting, apologising, giving opinion and question tag, how to use,

yes it does,
no it doesnt,
They were here yesterday,weren t they?
Yes they were, or no they weren't... etc

We always miss this kind of questions
Print one or two pages of the sec B social expression and disscuss the answers.

This will take around 10 to 15 mins of yr lesson.

3. Next, do the comprehension question 23 and 24. Demonstrate and show how to answer. Just one exercise will do.

Then continue with my favourite sec C,  I'll continue the next lesson if I couldn't finish the lesson.

Relax Cikgu, don't get stress up, Insyallah, the pupils will follow if you are consistent.

FOR GRAMMAR, DONT FORGET to do detecting errors every week. Get them to come up to the front and detect the errors in a pragraph and correct them using red marker pen.


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