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Reading and Comprehend Skills (Grade 1)

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The purpose of reading is comprehension — getting meaning from written text. Without comprehension, reading is a frustrating, pointless exercise in word calling.

It is no exaggeration to say that how well students develop the ability to comprehend what they read has a profound effect on their entire lives.

A major goal of reading comprehension instruction, therefore, is to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences they must have if they are to become competent and enthusiastic readers.

Use this workbook to enhance the students ability to comprehend their reading. Download the PDF format by click at the image

Speaking: Teaching English Using Dialogues

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For some ESL students, these unpleasant encounters happen almost every time they’re expected to speak English. Despite all the work they’ve put into building their vocabulary and mastering their pronunciation, they freeze up when asked a question in English.

That’s why you should be teaching English with dialogues. They’re kind of like conversational training wheels.

They give your students an opportunity to practice speaking in English and get familiar with responding to various real-life scenarios they’ll encounter in English-speaking countries—but without the stress of having to rapidly come up with the words themselves.

Here we share you 26 dialogues which can be used during teaching.

Just click the image to download the PDF format.

Reading Materials to teach values in classroom

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Education isn’t just about reading, writing and arithmetic. It’s also about life, citizenship and the value of being a good person. And when a school teaches these things, a child’s world – and perhaps the world around us – will begin to change. – Charles Haynes (US educator and researcher).

Here are some texts that can be used in the classroom in order to teach values and morals to the kids.

Just click the image to download the PDF format.

Saman ibu paksa ustazah merangkak keliling kelas!

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Ini biadab. Sangat!

Seorang ibu dipercayai ke sekolah anaknya dan memaksa ustazah merangkak dan merakam video ustazah itu merangkak kemudian menularkan dengan niat memalukan.

Konon dia telah menang. Konon dia berjaya melindungi anak dia. Konon dia berjaya membalas dendam kerana anak dia disuruh merangkak sehari sebelum itu.

Biadab gila!

Perangai macam ini, datang dengan niat buruk kepada ustazah yang mengajar ilmu agama. Memaksa ustazah tu merangkak sambil merakam dan memperlekehkan.

Kau tak suka anak didenda tak payah hantar anak ke sekolah la mak cik. Kau ajar sendiri. Masalahnya kau pun tak pandai nak ajar anak, orang tolong ajar bukan nak berterima kasih, tapi datang nak memalukan pula.

Ustazah tu agaknya panik dan ketakutan. Main ikut sahaja kehendak mak cik hiblis ni. Eh, panas betul hati aku tengok video ni.

Betapa orang tak ada akal datang merendah-rendahkan seorang ustazah yang mengajar mengenal kalam Tuhan. Diperlekeh dan dihina sebegini rupa.

Siapa tahu kes kat mana? Dan tolong mana-mana peguam wakilkan ustazah ini saman malu dan segala jenis saman yang boleh dikaitkan agar pelaku yang biadab ini dikenakan tindakan yang paling berat.

Jika ustazah tersebut tak mampu nak bayar kos guaman, aku sudi support. Kes guru/ustazah yang dihina begini secara terbuka tidak boleh lagi dibiarkan berleluasa.

Ini satu penghinaan yang amat pada adab menuntut ilmu!

P/s : Siapa tahu kes di mana dan kenal ustazah ini, bagitahu beliau saya akan menyokong penuh beliau. Jika perlukan bantuan kos guaman, saya rela keluarkan duit simpanan saya untuk bantu beliau.

Penghinaan sebegini terlalu aib untuk beliau dan beliau harus mengambil tindakan. Tolong sampaikan pesan saya ini kepada yang mengenali beliau.


(Video) Ibu biadap, paksa ustazah anaknya merangkak keliling kelas!

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Tular sebuah video menyaksikan seorang Ustazah dipaksa merangkak keliling kelas sambil diperhatikan oleh anak-anak murid beliau. Dipercayai kejadian tersebut berpunca apabila ibu kepada salah seorang murid beliau tidak berpuas hati di denda oleh ustazah tersebut.

Kejadian memalukan itu dirakam sendiri oleh ibu tersebut.

Tindakan biadab ini mengundang rasa simpati netizen kepada Ustazah berkenaan.

Early Reading Materials (Part 4)

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Teaching your child to read early and well has multiple benefits and is the key to your child's academic future.

The main reason is that reading is at the heart of all formal education.

Here we share some materials suitable for early childhood. Just click the picture to download the PDF format.

Dr Mahathir letak jawatan Perdana Menteri

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SHAH ALAM - Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dilaporkan baru menyerahkan surat peletakan jawatan kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah sebentar tadi.

Peletakan jawatan ini dipercayai berkaitan dengan pergolakan politik yang berlaku dalam Pakatan Harapan (PH) sejak mesyuarat Majlis Presiden Jumaat lalu.

Sinar Harian difahamkan juga Jabatan Perdana Menteri akan mengeluarkan kenyataan dalam masa terdekat.

Vocabulary: Flashcards of vegetables

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Here are some really cool and colorful lifelike free printable vegetable flashcards to teach vegetable names to your child!!! It's time to eat loads of vegetables to keep healthy.

Special Tips:
If you are a parent, take your children for vegetables and fruits shopping. Let them explore all the vegetables in the supermarket. Doing veggies/fruits shopping by their own would develop their interest towards healthy eating habits.

If you are a teacher, plan an educational trip to supermarket with students. They will have a fun learning experience. Buy some cool items for the next day's healthy salad making activity.

How to Use Flashcards?
Take a print out (preferably on card stock) and cut along the dotted lines. You can then laminate the individual flashcards and they will even last longer.

Downloand the PDF format of the flashcard by clicking the image below:

Hi-Lo Passages to Build Comprehension | G3 & G4

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The main purpose of this book is to provide high-interest passages for students to read. All the passages in this book are intended to be motivating and interesting for third- and-fourth grade students, but they are written for readers one to two grade levels behind. You can find the readability score for each passage in the table of contents. (Passages were scored using the Spache scoring criteria and range in level of difficulty from 1.80 to 3.0.)

These passages can be used for practice and instruction in reading, and they can be used to help prepare students for taking tests. Mostly, they can help students enjoy what they read.

This book provides 25 grade-appropriate passages in a wide variety of genres, including nonfiction articles, stories, recipes, and interviews. Passages target comprehension skills, such as making inferences or comparing and contrasting. Each passage has three or five comprehension questions based on skills. The questions are intended mainly to help students think about what they have read. (If you want to check students’ responses, you may refer to the Answer Key at the back of the book.)

These questions will also help you to assess students’ comprehension of the material. In addition, they will help students practice answering test questions. The types of questions include multiple-choice items and short-answer items. Some of the passages include writing prompts to elicit longer responses.

Download Hi-Lo Passages to Build Comprehension | G3 & G4

Collection of dialogues for level 1 - 3

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Tips for English Teachers

These basic English conversations can also be used in a classroom setting. Here are a few suggestions for using conversation lessons and role-playing activities:
  • Ask students about their experiences in the situation featured in the dialogue. Solicit important phrases, grammar structures, and so on from the students and write them on the board.
  • Introduce new vocabulary and key phrases to students.
  • Pass out printed dialogue to students.
  • Have each student take on a role and practice the dialogues in pairs. Students should take on both roles.
  • Based on the dialogue, ask students to write out their own related conversations using key vocabulary.
  • Have students practice their own dialogues to the point where they can perform short conversations in front of the class.
Here we share with you some basic dialogue for our kids to pracitice in the classroom. Just click the image to download the PDF format.